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Welcome artist. If you've been on the search for premium quality lash products, with a strict manufacturing quality control you've come to the right www.

Ive been actively involved in the lash industry for over 9 years, helping local Sydney ladies look & feel their best with individualised service & creative sets of lashes. Sourcing only the best products at affordable price points for any technician in the profession of Lash ART.

We try & test all our lash products on babes, in house, with multiple level technicians application techniques. I can assure you well thought out & select criteria was to be met whilst we sourced our product line.

I believe with lashing , it is indeed down to the finest of detail.
Within our lash line small things are thought about including storage, organisation, shine, shelf life, manufacturing practices & all that jazz...

Please browse our website, Add a few specials to your cart & give this babe a go. Our lash range is cruelty free, premium product, time saving, game changing, easy fan, darkest black, lightweight & consistent in quality control you wont be unsatisfied with our lash line.


White Room


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