New client questions?

Q. Will it hurt to apply the eyelashes?

A. No you will be able to relax throughout treatment process.

Q. Can i swim with eyelashes?

A. yes you can swim with your eyelash extensions after the first 24 hours. If you are a regular daily swimmer or you head out on a holiday and swim everyday, you will experience a little more lash loss than normal. so an infill appointment is required sooner.

Q. How long will they last?

A. lashes can last differently for each individual, in general we can say that lashes will last 2 -6 weeks, at the 2 week mark you may have 50-80% of extensions left on your eyes. This amount varies depending on

- Aftercare at home following lash application in the salon

- The rate of hair growth for each individual. On average a person looses 3-5 lashes per day, if we apply 90-120 lashes on each eye during a full set appointment, after 2 weeks you should have lost about 42 lashes or there about.

-Their may be a lot of lashes still attached but they may have to be removed & replaced at an infill appointment due to the lash growing out and the extension is no longer at the base of the natural eyelash where it sits most straight and comfortable. 

For Safety reasons, no children under 8 to be left unattended in the salon at any time. If you are coming in for an eyelash treatment, your eyes will be shut anywhere from 30- 120 minutes. We appreciate you understanding.

Salon Policies.

Wondalashes is an appointment only salon. To ensure the salon operates smoothly & efficiently, we ask that you please consider the following terms & conditions of Wondalashes. By making an appointment with us, you agree to our terms & conditions.

• Bookings are essential

• Please arrive five minutes before scheduled appointment time.

• Please arrive with no eye makeup on the day and avoid wearing mascara 2 days prior to your appointment for full sets. Clean lashes will get the best bond with extensions.

• Coming to your appointment with freshly washed hair is probably best as you cannot wet your lashes 24 hours after your appointment whether it be infills or fullset. If you are getting your hair washed at a hairdresser this is fine as water will not run into your lash line.

• We have a strict 48 hour cancellation policy for every client.

• Skin sensitivities & allergies are rare and Your safety & care are of our utmost concern. We use the highest quality products & the most up-to-date techniques and sterilisation protocols. However Wondalashes is not liable for reaction due to our products. If you are concerned, we recommend a patch test several days before your appointment.

- If you wear contacts, please remove them prior to the commencement of your appointment. We cannot apply lashes with contacts in eyes, this could potentially cause the contact lense to fuse to the eyeball.


Please call to schedule this if you'd prefer to have a patch test before your full set.

If you decide on the day of your full set appointment, your booking fee will be forfeit.

. We aim to create a relaxing as well as welcoming environment within our salon.

. Please try to come to your appointment alone so you can relax and purely take break from the hustle & bustle of life

We will not infill work that has had strip lashes applied on top of lash work as we cannot guarantee the lash hygiene or longevity.

We will not Infill work that has a non extension safe mascara applied.

Lashes last best when Shampooed with Lash SHAMPOO prior to lash IN FILL appointment.

We do not infill other salons work without a consultation done prior to appointment being made.

We now kindly ask that you please do NOT bring your small children (under 8 yrs old) to appointments without discussing this with us prior. There have been fatal accidents at other Beauty Salons in Australia in the past and we have sharp tools & chemicals in the salon that may harm a small child when left unattended. This is your time to relax, and you will have your eyes closed from 1-3 hours where you will not be able to tend to your children & neither will our team. If you do arrive with young children, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment & your booking fee is FORFEIT.

Where Are We Located?

We are located at 1/2 Somerset avenue Narellan 2567

For anyone unfamiliar with the Narellan area, we are behind Ray White Real Estate on Somerset avenue. Parking available at Narellan Town Centre or street parking. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand last-minute emergencies pop-up. However, if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment with your eyelash technician, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. We require 48 hours.

• Rescheduling/Cancellations less than 48 hours from appointment time or clients who do not show without notice will forfeit their booking fee which is paid at the time of making appointment.

Late Arrivals

If you arrive late we will not be able to extend your appointment time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late we will have to reschedule & forfeit your booking fee which was paid at the time of making an appointment. You do have the option to still have service done but will be required to pay for the treatment that was booked. Out of respect & consideration for your eyelash technician & other customers, please do your best to be on time.