Hi, I’m Olivia, owner and advanced volume eyelash technician at Wondalashes. I have 6 years experience in lashing, although I’m still learning every day as there are always new techniques evolving in the lash industry. I love what I do & have genuine passion for creating beautiful lash sets. The joy on a clients face when they see their new set of lashes for the first time is priceless


Hi, I’m Monique. I am a senior technician, specialising in volume lashes. I take pride in my ability to meet my clients expectations, for both special events & every day lash wear. In the two years, I have come a long way, adjusting and improving my work on a daily basis to produce the best quality lashed I can. 


Hi, I'm Jorja and I'm a fully qualified senior technician, with over 3 years experience in the lash industry. I specialise in mega volume lashes and thoroughly enjoy creating customised volume sets for all my clients. I am extremely passionate about the work that I do and take pride in each and every one of my clients lashes. There is still so much that I want to learn and I am continually trying to perfect my techniques. 


Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m a senior lash technician who specialises in natural and light volume lashes, though I am also fully qualified in volume lashes. I take each new client as an opportunity to further my skills, which includes my lashing techniques and also my ability to take each clients unique wants and needs into consideration, and turn it from dream to reality. 


Hi, I'm Caitlyn. You might see me around the salon during busy periods, helping the girls out with reception and admin duties. If you are struggling to find or reschedule an appointment, it's likely you'll be able to call up and get assistance from me.