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20x 0.03 Matte Black Magick Trays

20x 0.03 Matte Black Magick Trays

20x LASH TRAYS 0.03

Bulk salon buys! 

Tried & Tested on Babes. Ultimate Black lash lines that are lightweight.
Lash Tray 0.03
Curl CC,D,DD

Made for Volume ar†is†s †rained in the intricate hand fanning †echnique, of russian volume.

Our lash extensions are made from premium Korean materials, which will not irritate or damage natural lashes. The matte fibres are soft, lightweight, and provide a long-lasting curl.0.03mm diameter Lash trays consist of 16 rows of lash strands, and in total include many hundreds of individual strands. They are the base material that many technicians use to create their own handmade fans.

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