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FRANKI 1Sec Black Lash Glue

FRANKI 1Sec Black Lash Glue

Franki black lash glue

1 second dry time

Works in humidity range of 10 to 60%

Ideal temperature range is 0 to 30°c

dry time it is perfect for classic, hand fan volume or pre-made lashes

Achieve premium retention as a hand fanned artist with 1 sec dry time allowing the extension to wrap the natural lash.

With such a wide humidity range it is perfect for the Aussie climate.

10 months unopened on shelf

6 weeks opened

Make sure you shake your glue with an electric shaker in an upright position so that it can wake the glue & have an even distribution of ingredients.

the cyanoacrylate can settle on the top of your lash glue which is why we recommend shaking glue in an upright position.


For professional use only store in a airtight container in a dark place ideally 5°c Keep away from children.

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    $11.00Sale Price
    Excluding GST
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