Schmello Beauty Bed Comforter

Schmello Beauty Bed Comforter

The Schmello ☁️

The beauty bed comforter.

Made of memory foam.

180cm X 60cm

This ergonomic design is transformational for you clients comfort during their beauty treatments.

Have your clients feel like there laying on a giant marshmallow that curves in all the right places.

Have your clients coming back knowing they'll be able to lay for that entire 2 hour lash treatment.

Easily removable if not needed for other treatments.

Update & luxurise (it's word now) your beauty space today.

cover not included.

Place under other covers.

place ontop of non slip pad for extra no movement.

Pre order yours today before June 22nd 2022 & receive a free velvet cover in beige or black + plastic cover for easy cleaning.

  • Back Order

    This is a back order selection.

    Our second batch of schmellos is on the way due to the high demand of comfort in salons Australia wide 💗

    Secure yours today & have your beauty bed stand out from the rest.

    Expected delivery dates are 27.07.22