Our team specialises in luxury volume eyelash extensions.

We have an outstanding reputation in the Macarthur area for providing quality lash work along with a welcoming environment within our studio.

We work with only the highest quality sourced products & an application method that will restore & maintain the current condition of your lashes while creating instant fullness & length!

We are continually evolving with trends & technique to service our clients with the most up to date lash & cosmetic technology. Our team constantly advances their skill sets & is continuously updating their level of expertise.

Each set is customised to the individual client. Be prepared to come in & relax, knowing you are in professional hands, and have your eyelashes transformed whilst you have a lash nap if thats what you desire.

Contrary to belief, eyelash extensions, if applied correctly by a trained eyelash technician, will not damage your natural lashes and in fact many clients find that the health of their own lashes improve over time. The removal of mascara at the end of the day often damages the natural lashes & can lead to patches missing in the lash line. The wearing of eyelash extensions means no more lash trauma, instead the extensions are gentle on the lash line & the natural lashes are left to do what lashes do best – grow & shed.